“Neptune Softwash Solutions have done a very good job removing algae from my house, gutters and down pipes, I am extremely pleased with the outcome. Care and attention was taken at all times and nothing was too much trouble to attain satisfactory results.

– Satisfied Customer, Newport Essex

Till now, ugly and damaging build-ups of moss, algae and other disfigurements to your roof, drive, patio, brickwork, render and other surfaces could only be removed by harsh, abrasive treatments that could damage surfaces, remove or degrade pointing or render and badly affect the environment. But Neptune Softwash Solutions changes all that…

… Now, there’s a better way…

    • Here at Neptune we do not have a one size fits all attitude to cleaning.


    • We specialise in exterior cleaning of virtually all surfaces and building materials using only eco – friendly biodegradable cleaning solutions.


    • Our approach is – every site is different and every surface will require a particular cleaning schedule.


    • A full assessment will be carried out including risk assessments to a specific site or area. The occupier or owner will be fully informed as to the procedures, what results can be expected and why.


    • The site visit will include a specific cleaning plan to maximise the effectiveness in all areas whilst keeping costs as low as possible.


    • Whether we are removing moss and lichen from roofs, cleaning delicate renders, conservatories or returning green slippery decking to a safe condition, we will have a customised solution for each job.


    • All our materials and processes fully comply with REACH & HSE regulations.


  • Some surfaces may require initial pressure cleaning, steam cleaning, scraping or mechanical removal of weeds/ debris prior to the cleansing process. Roofs are likely to require the gutters to be cleared as part of the work.

Softwash solutions in Cambridgeshire. We clean render, brickwork, patios and all exterior hard surfaces.